Dentistry does not only mean taking care of the teeth. It basically involves everything that is related to the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of the oral health. That's why dentists can offer you different kinds of services. What are these?


All dental clinics offer dental prophylaxis. This involves procedures for teeth cleaning. With this procedure, you will need to polish and scale your teeth. This procedure also covers process for tartar removal, especially in areas of the teeth where simple brushing and flossing cannot reach. However, this does not include whitening of the teeth. With the special whitening procedure, it will need the use of lasers and whitening formulas.


In cases you need to have artificial teeth, you can have dentures or dental implants. When you talk about dental implants, it involves the use of artificial teeth that are directly affixed to the jaw. This means that the added teeth will have a fixed position and cannot be removed like a denture. If you don't want implants, you can use dentures instead. Dentures can be made from porcelain, metal or plastic. Depending on the number of missing teeth, you can have a full set of dentures or individual tooth denture. You can find reliable dental service at this website.


Sometimes, you may not need tooth replacement, because you don't need to remove teeth that only have minor problems. For this issue, you can get fillings to improve your dental health. Instead of fillings, you can also get service for crowns to restore your teeth. The crown will be attached to the remaining tooth to make it a lot stronger and reshape it as well. Emergency dentists can often do this procedure. There is another way of fixing missing teeth which is called bridging or fixed partial denture.


Some people do not have tooth decays and neither have they lost a tooth. But, their teeth could be misaligned. They get other kinds of dental services for this. The most common one would be getting braces. You can use braces for just the lower or just the upper sets of teeth or both.


Instead of braces, others use invisalign. Invisalign can be applied to teeth of both kids and adults. The liners are clear which makes it look almost invisible. This is why more and more people are into this kind of treatment nowadays.



There are also dental problems that came straight from the root canal instead of the more superficial issues like tooth decays, tooth loss and misalignment. It is often characterized with an infection and this can be treated with the help of a root canal procedure. Some difficult cases may need orthodontic treatment. If you need to improve your smile and your oral health in general, then you may need this kind of service. If you have crowded teeth, jaw joint disorders or incorrect jaw positions, orthodontics will be needed. View website if you have questions.